When dealing with addiction, this doesn’t just hurt you physically but also mentally and morally. Unfortunately, when addiction has deepened its grip on you, it will make you do things that you would never want to do in your life if you were not in that addiction bubble. The scars that are left from addiction do not just heal when you are treated with having to open them up again and deal with them. If you are injured morally, you may not understand this and also not understand what a moral injury is and how it can impact you as a woman.

Hopefully, this article will allow you to understand further what it is and how it impacts you and how you are able to deal with it also.

What is moral injury?

When dealing with an addiction, you will do things that you would never think of doing when sober just to make sure you can get the next hit or drink, and this can be a number of things such as theft, prostitution, and even causing injury. This is what would cause a moral injury because you have gone against what your morals are as a person, but when you are drunk or high, then those morals can go out of the window. The problem with moral injury is it is not seen unless it is spoken. This means that it can be hard for you to heal those injuries without help which is why programs have been created to help heal and fix those moral injuries and rebuild women’s core beliefs in a more positive light.

How does moral injury affect women’s core beliefs?

When you have been impacted by a moral injury, it can make you feel incomplete and make you feel mad at yourself. The fact that you have done something you would class as morally wrong or that goes against your beliefs will impact your core beliefs and put doubts in your mind, and make you think less of yourself. As a woman, you will have core beliefs that you would never break, but if you do, this will seriously impact how you look at yourself. You may think you’re a bad person, a bad mother or a bad partner/wife. This is the damage that has been done to your core belief system by the moral injuries you have sustained from addiction. However, there are ways to rebuild these core beliefs and make you realise that you are not a failure and you are a good person, and you can rebuild those core beliefs and heal those moral injuries to make you happy and feel better in life. This is done through special programs that are put in place to help women who suffer from their core beliefs and make sure they can get back to being the person they want to be.

If you feel you have been impacted by your addiction and have been left morally injured, then you are not alone, and you can work towards healing those injuries with programs that have been made to do just that, kickstart the healing process and get back to the you that you want to be.

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