You are all packed up to go into drug rehab treatment. You feel like you have everything, but do you? What might your stay be like? You will need things to make yourself more comfortable and happy with the changes ahead for you.

You can ask what they provide at the drug rehab center. Some of these might include a bed, bathroom amenities, and some clothing. However, you may not feel like the clothes provided are your style or fit well with you. It would be best to keep in mind that you need to stop using all harmful substances once you enter drug rehabilitation treatment. This could mean that you will lose a lot of weight and gain it back once you leave treatment. You might need to buy some clothes at the drug rehab center but will have to wait until you are discharged from residential treatment before doing so.

You will need the following items:

  • Twin extra-long sheets. A twin extra long bed might be provided for you to sleep in at the drug rehab center. However, if they do not offer this size, then you must bring your twin-XL sheets. You will need sheets that are long enough to tuck under the mattress properly.
  • Shower shoes. These are essential because you will be showering with others. Your feet must remain clean at all times, so this is one item that you should not forget to bring to drug rehab.
  • A robe, flip-flops, and toiletries. You might not be allowed to wear your clothing once you enter the drug rehabilitation center. This is because they may want to observe how you react to their clothing and remain clean at all times. In addition, you will need a robe and toiletries to take advantage of the showers and bath areas. You will need flip-flops for this because sometimes the floors in these areas can be wet or dirty.What Is Good To Bring To Drug Rehab For Your Stay?
  • A book or some way to keep your mind busy while you are at the drug rehab center. You might need something to read so that your mind does not wander. You can also bring along some jigsaw puzzles to pass the time while at the drug rehab center.
  • A journal. Once you enter drug rehabilitation, you need to keep track of your thoughts and feelings about everything going on in your life. This will help you find out what triggers your addiction and how to avoid it. For this to work, you will need a journal to write in every day.
  • An MP3 player with headphones. You can also bring along some AA meeting books to have something to do while you are listening to music on your MP3 player. You will still be able to enjoy some of the things you enjoyed before entering drug rehabilitation, but you can also avoid triggers.
  • A stuffed animal or blanket. Not everyone is okay with sleeping without a blanket or stuffed animal at night. This could mean that you will need to buy one once you arrive at the drug rehabilitation center. 

Why do you need these items?

This is because your stay will be indefinite. You do not want to get behind on sleep or waste time worrying that you should have brought something else with you other than just the clothes on your back.


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