There are many stigmas surrounding substance abuse, many of which have been created by the stereotypes surrounding this group of people. 

Typically, these stereotypes have been conjured by the adverse symptoms that some people with addiction display, and have then been used to categorize an entire group. This stigma has led to a lot of issues for people with addiction in the workplace, as well as in all other areas of their lives.

Understanding Stigma

Stigmas are a set of beliefs and attitudes towards a specific group of people, and there are a lot of them. It is generally believed that stigmas can be a useful tool in helping to keep people on the right path and assist them in staying within the socially acceptable, and healthy lines. 

The problem is that more often than not, this is not what happens. Instead, people end up feeling ostracized and debased due to being classified in a certain way. Stigmas can ruin lives, and are often, not based on fact.

Stigma Surrounding Addiction

Alcohol and substance abuse is the most stigmatized health condition, and the media has played a large part in concocting the negative image that now surrounds addiction. 

Representation of addiction in the media has always been negative, creating fear and contempt for those who are addicted to a substance. Instead of focusing on the positives of drug treatment and alcohol treatment, and the way in which we can help people who are struggling, it focuses on portraying the harsher, and most commonly the extreme sides. 

Consequences in the Workplace

The stigma surrounding people with addiction has created problems not only in a social setting but also in the legal and workplace environments also. For example, people with a history of drug or alcohol addiction, especially with a criminal record, find it harder to get work than others. 

Those who have been labeled in a certain way due to their addiction will also find that there are fewer opportunities for them to work. However, instead of helping, this is causing more problems and can contribute to the factors keeping people from seeking treatment

There are still many people that feel that addiction is something you bring about yourself, rather than a genuine health condition. This is very much prevalent in the workplace when it comes to light that someone is struggling, but instead of trying to help with treatment, these individuals have often pushed themselves aside.

Breaking Through and Seeking Treatment

The best thing that can be done now is to attempt to break through the stigma surrounding addiction and instead move towards a more compassionate and understanding idea. 

Alcohol rehab and addiction treatment should not be associated with shame and humiliation, but rather the idea that it’s the best, and healthiest option going forward. 

Here at The Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, we offer evidence-based, personalized treatment to all of our patients. We are here to assist you, or the person that you love in finding a lasting solution to kicking your addiction to the curb, and finding sustainable ways for you to maintain this in your everyday life. 

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