If you are dedicated to long-term addiction recovery and you want to put your addiction behind you for good, you should consider a transfer to a halfway house. A halfway house is there as a stepping stone for people that have finished rehab but are not ready to reintegrate into society just yet. It’s an important resource because people are far more likely to relapse if they move straight back into normal society without any support. While there, you will continue to learn how to manage your addiction and beat cravings so you can avoid triggers and prevent a relapse when you enter society again. 

Studies show that between 40 and 60 percent of people who complete rehab will relapse within the year. However, if you transfer to a halfway house after completing rehab, your chances of relapsing are significantly reduced. If you are dedicated to long-term sobriety, it is important that you consider a halfway house after rehab. 

How Long Do You Have To Stay In A Halfway House?

This is one of the most common questions that people have about halfway houses because they worry that it will be their new normal and they will not be able to live their life as they would like to, especially as this means being away from friends and family. If you are worried about this, you will be happy to know that it is completely up to you how long you stay at a halfway house and you are free to leave whenever you like. However, it is important to remember that the longer you stay, the better your chances of maintaining long-term sobriety after you leave. 

Studies into the impact of a halfway house showed that people who stayed in one for between 166 and 254 days maintained their sobriety for a lot longer than people that only stayed for a few days or went straight from rehab back into society without staying at a halfway house at all. People that spend time in a halfway house also have a smaller chance of being involved in criminal activity and a higher chance of finding long-term employment. This is because there are resources in place at a halfway house to help you successfully reintegrate into society. 

Should You Attend A 12-Step Program?

Many halfway houses will encourage you to attend a 12-step program, and you definitely should if you want to reduce the chances of a relapse. Having the support of other people that have beaten their addiction is so valuable, and it will make it a lot easier for you to maintain your sobriety long-term. The combination of a halfway house and a 12-step program has been shown to significantly reduce the chance of relapsing. 

Things You Need To Know When You Transfer To A Halfway House

Most rehab facilities will recommend a halfway house for you to stay in when you leave their facility, but their involvement ends there. The halfway house will not be managed by the rehab facility and the rules will be different depending on the halfway house that you stay in. It is your responsibility to learn and understand the rules while you are there and make sure that you follow them. 

Many addiction services, like detox programs or addiction counseling, are covered by insurance but the cost of staying in a halfway house is not. So, it is important to consider the financial aspect when finding a halfway house to stay in. 

When you stay in a halfway house, you will be expected to pay rent, which varies a lot. Some places charge around $300 a month while others can charge up to $2000. Some halfway houses also expect you to pay your own utility bills and you will always have to buy your own groceries. 

Although the rules vary in every halfway house, the majority of them will expect you to stick to the following guidelines: 

  • You must remain sober at all times. 
  • You must be willing to take random drug tests to prove your sobriety. 
  • You must follow a curfew. 
  • You must perform some chores. 
  • You must participate in meetings. 

These basic rules apply in the majority of halfway houses but some places will be stricter while others will be more relaxed. Before deciding to live in a halfway house, you should research a few different options and ask about the rules. This will help you to find a halfway house that is right for you, so you can increase your chances of remaining sober for longer. 

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