Alcoholism is an aggressive and isolating substance use disorder. It is dangerous for not only the individual, but their family and community. Use disorders, unless treated, continue to progressively get worse due to tolerance and unchecked personal responsibility.

Inpatient alcohol rehab in Kentucky is one of the best options for an individual seeking help with a substance use disorder. In inpatient alcohol rehab in Kentucky, clients have the option to live residentially and receive around the clock support from trained professionals. 

If you suspect you have a drinking problem, the Robert Alexander Center can help.

Signs of Alcoholism

Alcoholism or alcohol use disorder is characterized by the impact it has on the individual’s life. Alcoholism is leveled, based on the number of symptoms, from mild to severe. These symptoms include things like, needing to drink more to have the same effect and the impact it has on work, home, and social experiences. It also includes how often you drink, how much, and the withdrawal symptoms evident when you don’t drink.

What Is Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Kentucky?

Inpatient alcohol rehab in Kentucky is where individuals live in the facility while going through treatment for alcohol use disorder. This can be at a public hospital or through a privately run facility. 

When deciding on residential inpatient alcohol rehab in Kentucky, it is important to know what happens while you are there. Upon intake the staff will ask questions to determine the correct method of detoxification for you. Based on the severity of your addiction, detoxification can be painful and stressful on the body.

After detox, you will continue with a treatment program designed for you during detox. This program will include therapy, both individual and group. Through this time the staff will help you develop the skills to be successful outside of the rehabilitation center. 

Why You Should Go to Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Kentucky 

Inpatient alcohol rehab in Kentucky offers the client the opportunity to safely detox from alcohol in a non-threatening and supportive environment.  While it is possible to detox at home, addicts are 2-3 times more likely to relapse due to withdrawal cravings during the detox period. It is important to be monitored while going through alcohol withdrawal because the detoxification process can cause tremors, seizures, and even death. 

Inpatient care offers a level of support that your current environment might not be able to provide. With licensed clinicians and expertly trained support staff, there is someone available to support you 24-7 at a facility. The therapy available at a residential inpatient care facility decreases the likelihood of relapse and supports you through the development of coping skills and self-management.

If you think you need help with alcohol detox, contact the Robert Alexander Center.

Can the Robert Alexander Center Help Me?

The Robert Alexander Center is a full-service drug and alcohol detoxification and rehab center located outside Louisville, Kentucky. Here we offer multiple programs and therapies to support you in the battle against alcohol addiction.

Our expertly trained clinicians and staff are familiar with alcohol use disorder and are ready to support you from intake to aftercare. Our facility offers medically supported detoxification to reduce the withdrawal symptoms, residential inpatient care to support you in the challenging days following withdrawal, and outpatient aftercare to support you after completions of our state-of-the-art program. 

During intake, we work with you to develop a fully individualized treatment plan that caters to your specific substance use needs. Our facility offers dual diagnosis treatment, trauma and abuse counseling, and a 12-step program. 

By combining traditional and alternative therapies, we here at the Robert Alexander Center, know that we can support holistic healing. Evidence-based therapy combined with creative arts therapy gives each of our clients the opportunity to examine their substance use disorder and heal.

The Robert Alexander Center is the inpatient alcohol rehab in Kentucky for you.

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