Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs in the world. It’s a very powerful stimulant, can act as a painkiller, and even has aesthetic qualities. It can make people feel superhuman and delivers an intense sense of euphoria. The body becomes very tolerant of this substance in a short space of time. This can rapidly cause an individual to become dependent on the drug, just to function in normal everyday life. Just like most other substance abuse cases, the cause is usually due to a plethora of things but, mainly psychological. If you’re tired and have had enough of being addicted to cocaine or know someone that needs help, this is what to expect from our Kentucky State Drug & Alcohol Recovery Treatment center.

The Physical Side Of Cocaine Addiction

Rehab for Cocaine Addiction In Kentucky

There have been many movies made that star characters that are cocaine addicts. Some of the things you see are true and others are pure fiction. Snorting is a popular way of ingesting cocaine into your system, which can cause severe damage to your nose, particularly the septum. It can erode this part of your cartilage away and make your nose bleed. It can destroy your sense of smell and therefore limit your ability to taste. It can also lead to throat damage which, in turn, makes swallowing more difficult. Another common physical effect of cocaine abuse is really red bloodshot eyes and blurred vision. In the long term, your teeth, gums, and skin will deteriorate. Your circulatory system will be damaged and your digestive system not be able to function normally.

The Road To Recovery

The first step is to contact a rehab center and ask for their help. Cocaine addiction leads to depression and anxiety, as well as paranoia. Mood swings are very common and abnormal sleep patterns become a way of life. We can help bring order and structure into your life. Firstly, we physically help you to get back to normal energy levels and stop you from feeling tired all the time. Many addicts are dependent on cocaine to function and feel energetic, but we will replace this substance with your own willpower and motivation to chase goals. 

Rehab for Cocaine Addiction In Kentucky

Psychologically we’ll examine if your brain has suffered long-term damage and we’ll give you counseling that is tailor-made for your needs. Everyone’s story about why and how they become addicted is different, so we refuse to provide blanket policies regarding mental health treatment. We design them for you and get to the bottom of the reasons or circumstances which triggered cocaine abuse.

Your Addiction Treatment Options

We have a holistic approach but we make sure you are getting unique treatment as well. Our group therapy sessions are great in helping you confront your own demons and share with others who are in the same boat. The individual therapy sessions are designed to help you process grief, manage stress, and increase your self-esteem. We have attentive therapists and psychologists who address key factors that trigger your urge to take cocaine, break down the issues and help you understand more about yourself. 

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