Addiction is a difficult disease to deal with, especially on your own. You may have tried going cold turkey only to fail or you may have given rehab a chance only to relapse. 

Maybe you have messed up one too many times and the shame and guilt have dragged you down to the point where you don’t want to associate with others anymore. Perhaps you’re also dealing with anxiety, depression, or some other mental health issue that suppresses your desire to seek help.

Regardless of the reason, self-isolation is a growing issue in America. This lack of a social or emotional connection can worsen addiction. However, isolation doesn’t have to be permanent. With a bit of effort, you can build up a social network or strengthen the emotional bonds you have with loved ones. One of the best ways to do this is by going for group therapy.

Benefits of Group Therapy Treatment

Many rehab centers incorporate group therapy in their addiction treatment programs. In some cases, group therapy is used alongside individual therapy with the client attending both sessions at different times.

If you’re someone who self-isolates, group therapy can have the following benefits:

How Group Addiction Treatment Therapy Is Beneficial For Those Who Self Isolate

Offer You Support

Attending group therapy helps you interact with others with similar issues as yourself. There’s a sense of relief that comes with realizing that you’re not the only one facing certain challenges. Group members often share experiences, learn from each other and give each other support.

Give You a Fresh Perspective

Sharing your situation with others can help you get a better perspective on it. Group therapy members can help you see something that you missed, helping you tackle your problems from a different angle.

Improve Your Social Skills

Group therapy helps you learn how to communicate with and listen to others. It also helps you learn how to articulate your feelings while engaging with different people.

Motivate You to Be Better

Hearing how others have overcome challenges and solved problems can empower you to work towards realizing a positive change in your life. Your group members can inspire you to leave your bubble and motivate you to push yourself harder to achieve your goals.

Teach You About Yourself

Attending group therapy can also help you learn about yourself. Living in self-isolation might have reinforced certain negative ideas but interacting with others can help you see yourself in a different light. You can uncover blind spots that might have prevented you from beating addiction or overcoming other issues in your life.

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