7 Steps to Help Prepare You For Rehab:

How Do I Prepare For Addiction Rehab? - Infographic

There are a few things you can do to prepare for rehab so that you know when you get there, you are focused only on learning the skills needed to stay sober.

The Steps To Prepare For Rehab

The following tips outline what you can do, both mentally and physically, leading up to your stay in rehab.

  • Taking steps to prepare for rehab ensures that your mind is at peace and you can stay focused on maintaining your sobriety while in recovery.

Take Care of Work And Family Obligations

Your employer wants the healthiest, happiest, and best version of you, so the sooner you can let your employer know, the better. 

  • According to the Family and Medical Leave Act, you are entitled to up to 12 weeks of medical leave, so your job will be protected during your stay in rehab.

If you’re a caregiver to children, elderly parents, or even your pets, now is the time to make sure your loved ones are being taken care of while you’re away.

Tie Up Any Financial Or Legal Loose Ends

If you have bills that need to be paid while you’re out, make sure you sign up for automatic payments or speak to someone you trust about making sure your bills get paid.

Make Sure You Have the Essentials – And Only The Essentials

It can be tempting to bring everything with you that reminds you of home, but taking only the things you really need will make sure you adhere to your rehab center’s allowed items. 

  • By sticking to the essentials, you will also minimize any outside distractions that can compromise your sobriety.

Enjoy The Friends & Family You Keep

You may have to be the one to reach out to friends or family and let them know whats happening how much you care and how grateful you are to have them. 

  • Letting them know can help hold you accountable to sobriety once you get back.

Write A Letter Or Keep A Journal

Check-in with yourself and keep your mind occupied by writing a letter to yourself or a loved one. 

Take Time To Relax – In A Healthy Manner

Think of something that truly relaxes you. Is it taking a walk around the block? Soaking in a warm bath? Watching a favorite show? 

Whatever it is that will get you in a relaxed state of mind and allow you to begin getting excited about this new chapter in your life.

Preparing To Cover The Cost Of Rehab

When someone decides to go to rehab, the stress of how to pay for treatment can be just as burdensome as the challenge of addiction.

The cost of rehab is often a deterrent for those who need treatment, but it doesn’t need to be. There are multiple options available to help cover rehab costs.

Paying For Treatment With Insurance

Most private health plans do cover at least a portion of substance abuse treatment, and some cover it entirely. United Healthcare, Cigna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Aetna are the four major health insurance companies to consider. 

The Affordable Health Care Act (ACA, Or Obamacare)

Under the Affordable Health Care Act, an insurance applicant is no longer penalized for a pre-existing condition, allowing someone who is already battling an addiction to apply for a healthcare policy. 

  • Depending on the plan you select, ACA-sponsored policies cover between 60 to 90 percent of the cost of rehab services.

You Can Do It – Start Preparing For Rehab Today

Deciding to go to treatment for your addiction to drugs or alcohol is a monumental step that will make things so much better for you and the people who love you.

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