Once you’ve accepted that you have a substance abuse problem and you need treatment to overcome it, the next step is to choose a treatment center that meets your needs and budget.

Keep in mind that different rehabs across the country are unique when it comes to their environment, the type of treatments used as well as the type of addiction they treat. You can opt to receive treatment at a local rehab center or you can choose to travel to an out-of-state facility.

Before choosing a rehab to go to, ensure you consult your insurance provider to find out which facilities are covered in your policy. Most providers offer different treatment options and they might have both local and long-distance treatment facilities in their network. However, you shouldn’t let your insurance limit you because what matters is finding a rehab that suits your needs, regardless of where it’s situated.

At the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, we help people struggling with addiction from all over the country to get a new start at our treatment center in Kentucky. We get lots of questions from people who want to know whether going to a rehab facility near their homes is better compared to seeking treatment in long-distance centers.

To help you make an informed decision, we decided to provide the pros and cons of both going to local rehabs and traveling for treatment.

Going to a Local Rehab Facility

The major advantage of seeking treatment at a rehab center near you is that you’ll get to save money. Since you won’t have far to travel, you won’t spend much on gas, airfare, or even accommodation. Additionally, you’ll remain close to your family and friends throughout your treatment. This provides you with a support system to lean on and your loved ones can also be actively involved in the treatment process e.g. by taking part in family therapy. The local rehab administration will also be familiar with the locality and resources available for those in recovery so it’ll be easy to come up with an aftercare plan for you.

Staying local for addiction treatment has some disadvantages. Firstly, you might be tempted to leave and go back home before completing your treatment, especially when things get tough. Secondly, although your loved ones are an invaluable source of support, they can also distract you from your treatment. Finally, in a bid to save money, you may end up settling for low-quality care from local treatment facilities, especially if you don’t carefully research and consider all options.

Benefits of Traveling for Addiction Treatment

You might think that you’ll be wasting money by traveling for rehab but long-distance facilities have some clear advantages over local ones.

  • If you’re willing to travel for treatment you’ll have a wider pool of rehab facilities to choose from across the country. Exposure to different facilities that offer unique treatments to their patients might be just what you need to jumpstart your recovery. These facilities might offer better healing and recovery practices as well as introduce you to a healthier lifestyle than the one you were used to.
  • Traveling to rehab in a new town or state removes you from the negative environment and triggers that contributed to your addiction. Getting away from these triggers can help reduce cravings and the temptation to use again.
  • Traveling to a facility far from your home also comes in handy whenever you’re tempted to walk away from treatment. Recovering from addiction is a difficult process and you may experience physical and emotional stress, tempting you to give up. However, the physical distance from home may deflect this temptation, reinforcing your commitment to your treatment plan.
  • Another advantage of long-distance facilities is that they offer privacy, especially if you don’t want people who know you to learn about your struggle with addiction and your treatment. This spares you from their judgment and whatever misperceptions they might have about substance abuse and going to rehab.
  • Being in a new environment can be refreshing, providing you with a new perspective on your life and situation. The new surroundings may help clear your mind and inspire you to change your life for the better.
  • Lastly, you’ll have fewer distractions from your family members if you’re a good distance away. However, most rehab centers incorporate family participation in their treatment programs so you won’t be completely isolated from your loved ones.

Disadvantages of Traveling for Rehab

  • Being away from your family might not be possible, especially if you have children or relatives who depend on you.
  • It can be difficult for your loved ones to visit you or participate in your treatment if they have to travel a long distance to do so.
  • It can also be challenging to receive appropriate aftercare services because the treatment experts at the long-distance facility might not be familiar with the resources or support groups available in your hometown.
  • Traveling to rehab far from home calls for a lot of financial input as you have to cater for your transport and accommodation.

We’re Waiting for Your Call

There’s no clear answer on whether rehab centers near you are a better option than long-distance facilities. The decision is up to you, just remember that what works for someone else might not be ideal for you. When making your decision, consider your budget, your needs, and the treatment options offered in the different rehab centers.

If you’re looking for a rehab facility to get you started on the road to recovery, look no further than the Robert Alexander Addiction Treatment Center in Kentucky. We offer a range of addiction treatment options that have been proven effective in helping people beat substance abuse. We also have a clean, safe and serene environment that is conducive to treatment. Our treatment professionals have years of experience dealing with different addiction cases and they will be with you every step of the way.

Give us a call today and take the first steps towards a new, sober life.

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