Two years ago, federal legislation was passed, expanding health insurance coverage to mental health issues. Most insurance providers are now required to provide some coverage for different mental condition treatment services. Although coverage, in most cases, will still depend on the insurance plan, your health insurance is now capable of paying for your rehab. Let’s take a look at the steps you can follow to use health insurance to cover your recovery.

Gather your insurance information

How To Use Your Health Insurance For Rehab

You will need to make available all your relevant insurance information. This will include your identification number, your phone number, your insurance provider, and some complete personal details such as your full name, social security number, date of birth, and the principal insured individual’s name.

Contact the addiction treatment center

It would be best if you were sure that your chosen rehab facility would accept your health insurance. Thus, it is essential to contact the treatment center and provide them with all the necessary information about you and your insurance provider. Once your chosen rehab facility verifies your insurance coverage, you will know what percentage of your treatment will be covered and how much will be covered by you.

Complete the insurance verification process

Your insurance plan, as well as your provider, will determine how much is payable. Some plans may cover a particular number of in-patient treatment duration, while others may only pay for outpatient services. The rehab center will contact your insurance provider to determine the exact services covered by your health insurance. 

Determine the out-of-pocket expenses

Your insurance will likely not cover every single rehab expense. This means that there are some minor costs that you may have to cover, which may include deductible amounts before the beginning of treatment. Other plans may also include copay or coinsurance, which allocates a percentage of the cost of the treatment you will have to pay. 

File an addiction treatment claim

How To Use Your Health Insurance For Rehab

You will need to file a claim with your insurance provider for them to pay for the treatment. Some rehab facilities may do this on your behalf, but others will require you to do this. Before filing a claim, get a detailed itemized bill from the rehab facility, which should include all costs and the insurance code. Your insurance company will then provide you with the claim you must file for processing.

Be sure to do a follow-up

Follow up with your insurance provider to make sure that your filed claim has been received and approved. Your request might be denied if you make inevitable mistakes when filing. For example, if your insurance plan does not cover the services or treatment options, then the claim may be rejected. Be sure to contact your insurance to follow up on all inquiries before you go ahead to book your space in the rehab facility.

Make plans for the best way to pay out-of-pocket expenses

Speak with your rehabilitation center about your payment options as far as out-of-pocket costs are concerned. They will assist you in developing a payment plan that is convenient enough for you to pay all expenses not covered by your insurance plan. 

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