We at the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery often meet people who are curious about what a day in rehab looks like.

Here’s a simplified breakdown of a day in the life of a 90-day drug rehab program:

Morning session:

Wake up and morning routine: 

Days at rehab normally begin with a structured wake-up time and a standard routine to follow. Patients are encouraged to start with personal hygiene, exercise, or mindfulness practices to get ready for the day.


A nutritious breakfast is then served to nourish the body and mind. This teaches those in recovery to prioritize their nutrition to complement treatment.

Group therapy sessions: 

Mornings often consist of group therapy sessions that last for about an hour. Here patients gather to share their experiences, and challenges while learning from each other. This fosters a sense of community.

Midday session:

Individual counseling

In the middle of the day, patients proceed to individual counseling sessions with trained therapists. These sessions allow them to explore the underlying causes of their addiction and also set and keep track of recovery goals and their progress.

Workshops and sessions teaching different skills:

Reputable rehabs also emphasize equipping individuals with useful life skills. They organize workshops or sessions to teach stress and emotional management, and coping strategies for triggers and cravings, among others.

Recreational activities:

Physical and recreational activities such as fitness classes, art or dance classes, etc., are integrated into the schedule to promote physical and mental well-being.

Afternoon session:


Lunch is another opportunity to eat a healthy meal while emphasizing the importance of healthy nourishment.

Educational workshops

Afternoon sessions often feature educational workshops on a wide range of topics including education about addiction, relapse prevention, and life skills training.

More recreational activities or peer interactions

There may be another session for outdoor or recreational activities giving patients a chance to interact with each other.

Evening session:

Dinner and communal bonding

The evening meal provides an opportunity for communal bonding. Individuals are encouraged to share experiences, interact, and bond with each other over dinner.

12-step meetings

Rehab centers that have 12-step meetings e.g. Alcoholics Anonymous hold meetings in the evening, allowing members to exchange views and receive support.

Evening reflection and relaxation

After the day’s activities, patients have time for relaxation, personal reflection, and leisure activities. They can meditate, write in journals, read, or simply unwind. We offer different addiction treatment programs at the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery. This includes residential treatment, intensive outpatient programs, outpatient care as well family therapy and most of these programs follow the schedule outlined above. Contact us today with any questions you may have about our treatment programs or alcohol and drug rehab in Kentucky. We’ll be happy to answer them.

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