Alcoholism is not the cause of something, but rather a symptom of something much larger. Mental health issues are usually the main cause of why some people turn to drinking. It could be the inability to cope with stress, or depression. It might be due to feeling easily irritable or suffering from insomnia. Feelings of being helpless can also cause mental health struggles which can in turn lead to the abuse of alcohol. If you’re someone searching for help for both concerns, here are some mental health services an alcoholism treatment center will provide for you.

Restlessness and Insomnia Support

Restlessness is caused usually by anxiety. The causes of this are incredibly varied, ranging from things like social anxiety, worries about finances, concern about your job, or even things like existential crises. Any of these things can lead to insomnia and trouble sleeping. Alcohol is known to calm nerves and induce sleep a lot quicker than your body’s normal function. This is why so many people turn to drinking to act as their sleeping aid. 

We at the Kentucky State Drug & Alcohol Recovery Treatment center will give your counseling and perform a mental health assessment. We look for the root causes of your restlessness and try to decipher whether it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain or something to do with your outlook on life itself. 

Bipolar Disorder Management Tactics

Bipolar disorder is often described as being manic depressive. It involves intense mood swings that fluctuate from being very positive and happy, to having extremely low points and a bleak outlook on life. Many people turn to alcohol to help them cope and forget about their worries while in a mental downward spiral. This is something we seek to treat at our center. We will get to the bottom of why your mood swings from one extreme to the other and try to give you more stability in your mind. We develop unique coping mechanisms for you to enact in your mind and not have to turn to something physical to change your state of mind. We can also look at prescribing or recommending medication for bipolar disorder and couple that with mental health therapy.

Tools For A Short-temper

Impatience and intolerance can quickly become part of someone’s personality due to something going on in their psyche. At an alcoholism treatment center, you can expect to receive one-on-one counseling whereby we take a look at the things that trigger your anger and slowly peel back the layers to see the founding causes. It could be that alcohol itself is the cause of your short fuse, as your ability to judge the intentions of others is impaired. Someone stepping on your shoes by accident might be taken as an act of disrespect or violence. We take a look at the social and environmental triggers and help you to rationally break down situations before reacting to incidents. 

At an alcoholism treatment center such as ours, the root causes of your condition will be fully explored and explained to you. We seek to help you understand and control your mind so you don’t feel dependent on drinking. 

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