Hallucinogens are a very varied group of drugs that mainly alter your reality and awareness. They change the surroundings and alter your thoughts and feelings about where you are, who you are, and what you can do. They warp your perception of other people and even inanimate objects. Common hallucinogens are substances like Psilocybin i.e. magic mushrooms, LCD, and PCP. These drugs give the abuser an intense experience of euphoria and can make them believe absurd and impossible things are true. Rehab for hallucinogen addiction is available at our Kentucky State Drug & Alcohol Recovery Treatment center. This is the type of support you can expect from us.

Rehab for Hallucinogen Addiction In Kentucky

Never a Quick Easy Fix

It should come as no surprise to you that there’s never a quick easy fix for addiction. It’s a very complex issue, one which is mental, physical, and physiological. We believe that working with patients long-term, is the best way to help them become free from their demons and substance abuse problems. An extended period of time with our medical professionals as well as our mental health experts will show you more about who you are than you would ever know by yourself. Our drug rehab treatment methods include patients being supervised in everyday activities and assisted in their recovery at every level. It’s a holistic approach that is broad but we also make sure to focus on the individual and cater to you specifically.

A Professional Assessment Of You

First, we will perform a professional assessment to determine the factors of your case. We will find out what type of help you need, how severe your addiction is, and how long we would like to stay with you to reach the finish line together. We’ll explore the dosage and length of your substance abuse, financial situation, if any family can help you during your recovery with us and at home, as well as co-occurring mental health disorders. We’ll also take a look at your general health to make sure there aren’t any hidden factors affecting your well-being.

Becoming an Inpatient For Hallucinogen Addiction Recovery

Rehab for Hallucinogen Addiction In Kentucky

Becoming an inpatient allows you to fully focus on your recovery. With no other distractions, you can become a resident of our center and be removed from any and all temptations. Rehab is a very tough thing to go through, so the more time you spend with us where we can develop your coping abilities without the need for hallucinogens, the stronger you will become. Typically, we see your stay lasting between 30 to 90 days. We also provide all our inpatients with medical and psychiatric care, which facilities are well-rounded in recovery.

What to Expect at our Hallocinogen Addiction Rehab

Our rehab center has many things that will make your stay enjoyable. We have great housing as well as catering. Amenities like a fitness room, swimming pool, and lounge area, are also open for you to use whenever you wish. You’ll also be given individual as well as group therapy. Medical supervision to see how you’re progressing and make sure you’re healthy will always be on hand. 

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