When you’re in the midst of alcohol addiction, it’s not unusual for other bad habits to slip into your daily life. For example, you might decide to hit the bar instead of heading to work. Worse, you may suddenly not think twice about driving after having a drink or two. You might even have gotten away with it once or twice already. 

Only, this time, you had a little more to drink. Or, perhaps you jumped a red without realizing it. Either way, a trip you could have taken by taxi, ended in a Kentucky DUI after breathalyzer results show that you’re far past the state driving restriction of 0.15.

Dealing with your DUI

It’s not unusual to spiral in the wake of a DUI. This is, after all, undeniable proof that you’ve got a problem. If you aren’t careful, that alone could push you to drink even more. This is terrible news considering that, according to Kentucky law, DUI penalties grow in severity with every case that takes place across a 10-year ‘washout period’. While your first offense is known as a ‘misdemeanor’ with relatively short license revocation, the consequences worsen until a fourth offense counts as a felony. 

Instead of seeing your DUI as a further reason to hit the bottle, this is your chance to wake up and notice that things need to change. And, where alcohol addiction is concerned, seeking Kentucky addiction treatment at a rehab center could be the best way to make that happen. 

Understanding what alcohol rehab could do for you

Though it’s never easy to accept that you need professional alcohol treatment, doing so in the direct aftermath of a DUI can prove invaluable for long-term recovery that ensures you never make the same mistake twice. Perhaps the most beneficial thing about rehab treatment at a time like this is the camaraderie and understanding you’ll receive from your support team and other patients who understand precisely what you’re going through. Other benefits of a program that offers alcohol and drug treatment at your lowest moment include – 

  • Community
  • Kindness
  • Professional help
  • Accountability
  • And much more

Far from leaving you to cope with the harsh reality of a DUI alone, your team of tailored rehabilitation professionals will be with you every step of the way, offering support, therapy, and supervised withdrawals that allow you to move away from this terrible condition at last. 

Your life is in your hands, so use it wisely

If your Kentucky DUI has shown you anything, it should be that you’re being reckless with not just your life right now, but also the lives of everyone you come into contact with. What if you had hit someone before that officer pulled you over? Perhaps you did, and that’s why you ended up with a DUI. The details don’t matter. All you need to note is that you owe it to yourself, and a great many people besides, to seek the treatment you need to overcome alcohol addiction at last.

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