There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about a substance abuse problem, including the chance of being tested at the workplace and losing your job. If you work with a union, then this might be even more likely. To ensure the safety of the workplace, unions do take a drug-free workplace stance. However, this doesn’t mean they simply abandon those with addiction issues. Rather, they are likely to support your choice to go into drug or alcohol rehab.

What are Union Stances on Drug Abuse?

Union Support through Drug and Alcohol Rehab

IT can change from union to union, but most will help employees that admit to addiction issues. If you admit to substance abuse issues, they can help you find help, offer insurance benefits to help you pay for treatment, and may have connections to other local resources. Labor unions may even have direct partnerships with drug rehabs. As such, if you’re concerned about a substance issue, asking your labor union about how to address it is often a good idea.

Your local drug and alcohol rehabs will offer extensive treatment to labor union members, including certification to show you’re safe for work following the program. Helping employees with substance abuse issues helped everyone. Your employer doesn’t want to lose a skilled member of the team and your union is there to stand up for the workforce, including you.

What Can You Expect From Union-associated Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs?

Rehab programs differ from place to place. However, they are likely to offer the following:

  • A complete diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Detox services
  • Access to an inpatient rehab facility
  • Long-term planning for ongoing sobriety
  • Aftercare and access to sober living facilities
  • Certification to prove you are safe to return to work

If you are worried your drug of choice is affecting your relationships and ability to meet your responsibilities, then you are likely to be addicted. Make sure it doesn’t cost you your job via arrest or testing. Look to your union-associated rehab facility for help.

About Union Supported Drug Rehab

Fighting addiction is far from easy. Most cannot do it alone. The brain changes in addiction, making you chemically dependent on them to the point that trying to quit cold turkey can be dangerous. Drug rehab facilities can both offer you the assistance you need to get off of your drug of choice while making sure that you are safe from the most dangerous withdrawal symptoms. This is done through medical detoxification, where you are monitored closely by health professionals.

Following the detox, the long road to recovery begins in earnest. This includes a range of evidence-based therapy sessions that have proven effective. From individual to group therapy, you can learn the tools to stay sober. After that, the rehab facility offers aftercare and sober living services as well to help your transition back to daily life.

Your local drug rehab services and a labor union are both invested in getting you back to sobriety and health. Get in touch if you want to learn more about how we can help.

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