A Guide For Employers Addressing Substance Abuse In Kentucky

A Guide For Employers Addressing Substance Abuse In Kentucky

As an employer, substance abuse in the workplace should be one of the things you address. According to statistics, as many as 70% of all illegal drug users in the US are either in full or part-time employment. This means that there is a high likelihood that some of your employees are battling some form of addiction.

How Employee Substance Abuse Affects Businesses

How does having employees who are struggling with substance abuse affect your business? Simply put, it affects the bottom line and costs you money. How? Well, workers with substance abuse:

  • Tend to miss more work days and take more sick leaves.
  • Fail to do their work well and fulfill their work responsibilities leading to lost man-hours.
  • Are more careless and less efficient when discharging their duties. This means they’re likely to cause accidents that lead to injuries and other dangerous situations at work.
  • Are often thinking about getting the next hit or high so don’t concentrate that well on their work and are less productive.
  • Lead to overworking others who have to step in to handle their work. This can eventually lead to low morale in the workplace.

All the above can easily be translated into increased costs in the following ways:

  • Higher expenses for overtime pay
  • Higher rates of absenteeism or tardiness.
  • Higher worker’s compensation and insurance claims.
  • A reduction in job performance and productivity leading to losses.
  • Increased safety and health risks for employees mean increased costs for the company in terms of keeping workers safe.

Also, don’t forget hidden costs caused by things such as friction among employees, damage to equipment, a high employee turnover as well as damage to the company’s public image.

Addressing Workplace Substance Abuse

As an employer, you might be tempted to dismiss substance abuse as a personal issue. You may want to take a “wait and see” approach and hope that the individual in question cleans up their act. Unfortunately, given the nature of addiction, this rarely happens. What’s most likely to happen is that the worker will persist with their behavior as long as they feel they can get away with it.

It’s upon you to take action to address substance abuse in your workplace. Here’s what you can do:

1. Make sure the problem is due to substance abuse.

The first step to handling such a situation is to ensure that the employee actually has a problem with substance abuse. Some of the things that should raise concern include:

  • The worker keeps falling sick and taking sick off days.
  • They’re involved in more workplace accidents.
  • Their productivity has reduced.
  • There has been a noticeable change in their personality.
  • You’ve had to talk to or discipline them more lately.

Once you decide there’s an issue, you can move to confront the employee but only after you’ve consulted the company’s HR and legal departments.

2. Establish a workplace substance abuse policy.

Noticing incidents of substance abuse in your workplace gives you the perfect opportunity to raise awareness on this issue among your workers. You can start by having drug and addiction specialists such as those from the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery come in and address your staff on substance abuse. This may inspire some employees to come forward and ask for assistance in beating addiction.

Another important step you can take is to come up with a Substance Abuse Policy for your company. If one already exists, this is the time to sensitize your staff about it. A substance abuse policy outlines your company’s position regarding addiction and substance use in the workplace. It explains how the company views addiction and what the consequences are for using substances while at work. Furthermore, it clears up the actions to be taken if employees violate the policy.

The substance abuse policy should also outline the company’s position on drug testing as well as the consequences of a worker getting a positive result on their drug test.

3. Establish an Employee Assistance Program.

To show that your company cares and values its employees, establish an Employee Assistance Program for those struggling with substance abuse. Explain how the program will help workers who come forward for assistance e.g. access to short-term counseling or referrals to treatment centers. Also, outline the steps the company intends to take after an employee begins treatment for addiction as well as how their recovery will be monitored and reviewed. It’s also good to explain how you’ll handle cases of relapse.

4. Train your supervisors and managers.

The people close to workers are their supervisors and managers. They are also better placed to recognize signs that may point to drug or alcohol abuse or addiction. It, therefore, makes sense to train them to address issues to do with substance abuse in the workplace.

Ensure that the supervisors and managers understand your company’s substance abuse policy and train them to recognize signs of alcohol and drug dependence in staff. They should also be aware of the steps they should take if they suspect a problem and how to help and support the employee in question.

5. Take appropriate action

When confronting an employee about their alcohol or drug use, remember to preserve their confidentiality. Additionally, always handle such issues professionally and in private as much as possible. This shows your workers that you respect them.

Part of helping your employees can be referring them to addiction treatment specialists in Kentucky. Treatment specialists from a treatment facility such as the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery have the experience to deal with workplace substance abuse and we can give you the resources you need to help your employees.

We also have a range of addiction treatment programs and services from our Detox Services and Family Therapy Program to our Intensive Outpatient Program and Outpatient Program, all designed to help individuals overcome addiction and reclaim their lives.

Get in touch with us if you need help addressing substance abuse in your workplace or if you need help crafting a substance abuse policy for your company. We’ll be glad to assist you.

Healthcare Industry Professionals, Get The Best Addiction Treatment Program For You

Healthcare Industry Professionals, Get The Best Addiction Treatment Program For You

Did you know that one of the highest rates of addiction in the workforce occurs in the healthcare system? Doctors and nurses do extremely hard work, and they are under a lot of pressure: the lives of other people are literally in their hands every single day. Across the country, more than 100,000 doctors, technicians, nursers and other health professionals are handling addiction every single day. Most of the time, doctors and other healthcare professionals deal with addictions that are surrounding prescription medications and alcohol. 

Any working professional looks for a way to relax after a busy working day, but when your job involves socially difficult hours and pressure beyond anything most human beings cope with, it becomes a much harder issue. A way to escape the emotional and mental stress is common, and the difference with doctors and other healthcare professionals is that they are able to access highly addictive drugs, so the temptation is more intensive than most. This allows an addiction to be created and fed easily, and that doesn’t make it okay, it’s just the reality.

The rate of addiction in healthcare professionals is high but there is hope. Along with a high addiction rate, there is also a high recovery rate. With the help of our addiction service team, healthcare industry professionals are able to come through addiction while understanding exactly what to do to keep themselves on track.

Why The Addiction Rates Are High For Healthcare Professionals

Doctors and healthcare professionals are doing hard work in highly pressurized environments. There are so many aspects of their profession that are going to make them more likely to fall into addiction compared to other professionals out there. The most common reason behind addiction in healthcare workers is their access to powerful medications, which are very tempting in times of stress. There is also an in-depth, scientific understanding in the effects that these substances will have on them, and they know in a new way that this can offer them an escape.

This temptation along with an exhausting workload makes medical professionals more susceptible to addiction, and their jobs are so spur of the moment in their need for decision-making, the stress regarding the health and wellbeing of others is not always easy to manage. Turning to addictive substances is the way out of that stress, and it’s understandable. 

The responsibility for a life can put a huge burden on their emotional and mental state, and this substance abuse results in an unraveling of their world as they know it. While doctors and healthcare professionals are in work that makes them highly regarded individuals, highly respected in their work – and more vulnerable than most. People who take on the world and woes of others are stronger and braver than others, but they’re not immune to mistakes and to addiction. The good news is that there are plenty of addiction treatment programs out there to make an exhausted, stressed and addicted healthcare professional well once again. 

Sometimes, the healthcare professional has to let others take control and while that may be difficult, admitting there is a problem is the first step.

What Do Addiction Treatment Centers Address?

A medical professional in addiction treatment may find it difficult to be told how to recover and what to do to recover, but some of the things that an addiction treatment center will address include:

  • How to get back on track with the career they left behind to get well
  • Returning to professional practice without temptation of more substances
  • Licensing and disciplinary matters and meetings
  • Avoiding triggers
  • Monitoring programs and meeting participation
  • Continuing aftercare

Contact Robert Alexander Addiction Treatment Center Now

There are plenty of reasons for any doctor or medical professional to feel hopeful as they go through recovery. With the right therapies and doctors, you can ensure that you can maintain your sobriety once treatment has finished. Treatment for an addict never truly ends and you will be fighting this addiction forever, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be on top of it. Treating addiction takes time, effort and plenty of investment of your time and your will to get well. 

A patient from any background deserves to feel strong and supported, and those who spend their lives facing the stress of holding other lives in their hand? They deserve it, too. Contacting Robert Alexander Addiction Treatment Center professionals today is the smartest thing that you can do to get back to yourself once again.

Are There Copays At A Low Cost Rehab Center

Are There Copays At A Low Cost Rehab Centers

When dealing with substance abuse, the last thing you need to worry about is the cost of treatment. While there are various ways to raise funds to meet these costs, including borrowing, fundraising or even taking a loan, insurance remains one of the most popular.

Paying for Rehab Using Insurance

In the past, many insurance companies did not cover addiction treatment of any kind. With a raft of laws concerning addiction now in place, substance abuse treatment is now regarded as an essential health care benefit for US citizens. This means that insurers can’t completely deny substance use disorder coverage, giving those struggling with addiction better access to treatment.

However, the devil, as they say, is in the details. Insurance plans differ when it comes to the amount and type of addiction treatment they will pay for. Some insurance providers may only cover intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment programs but not residential treatment programs. Others may ask policyholders seeking treatment such as detoxification services or family therapy to shoulder some of the costs required in the form of deductibles and copayments.

For this reason, it is important to find out what your health insurance plan covers before enrolling in a rehab program. This will save you from incurring unexpected expenses.

What are Copays And Do They Exist In Rehab Centers?

When seeking out suitable rehab facilities, a lot of people ask if there are copays. A copayment, or a copay for short, is an out-of-pocket flat fee your insurance company may require you to pay for a service. For instance, if your insurance plan lists a $50 per day copay for detox, you’ll be responsible for paying $150 if the detox takes three days. Some insurance providers also put a cap on daily copayments, to help keep these costs affordable.

If you still find this too costly for you, you may want to talk to the treatment facility. Some rehabs offer alternative means of payment including a sliding fee payment plan, private lending, or even offer grants or scholarships to their clients to help them meet treatment costs. Taking advantage of these offers can go a long way towards helping you afford rehab treatment.

Give Us a Call Today

At the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, we believe that substance abuse treatment should be affordable for all those who need it. We try to make our payment process as simple and stress-free as possible so that our clients can concentrate on their recovery. This is why we facilitate payment for our services using a variety of insurance providers. We also provide a range of payment options to help our clients meet the cost of treatment at our rehab facility in Kentucky.

If you need addiction treatment, don’t let the cost get in your way. Schedule a consultation with us today and we’ll discuss which payment options are available and help you figure out the most suitable one for your situation.

Why Kentucky Is A Great Addiction Treatment Location For Connecticut Residents

Why Kentucky Is A Great Addiction Treatment Location For Connecticut Residents

Addiction is one of the biggests destructors for residents of the U.S. Drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, sex – there are many things that a person could be addicted to, but drugs and alcohol are the two biggest issues that can destroy someone’s life. At Robert Alexander Addiction Treatment Center, we work closely with those who are struggling with addiction to alcohol and drugs, and we get you on the right track to recovery with the help of therapists and doctors. Drugs and alcohol are not easy to manage, and doing it alone or in the wrong company is not going to help you to get well and be your best once again. Understanding why Kentucky is a great addiction treatment location for Connecticut residents is going to be the first step to getting you out of a tough environment and into one that is equally tough, but will put you on the road to recovery.

It’s time that you get back in control of your life. It’s time that you stop struggling to maintain control over your life and your addiction, and with the help of our broad team of experts, you will be able to get your life in Connecticut back. The key is to arrive in Kentucky and take a chance on yourself for once, and believe that you can get through recovery in one piece. The physical and mental toll of addiction is a struggle to manage alone, but with our experts and their help, you can gain back your control, taking the help that you need. Based in Kentucky, you need to shake off your local roots and be refreshed in a new place. Researching our services is the first step and having the courage to leave Connecticut and get the help you need is the second.

Take Recovery Out Of State

It’s scary to leave the state you have always been in, even if the state you’re in is where your addiction began. The problem is that family isn’t always a good thing. In fact, familiarity can lead to you being in a bad situation for longer as it’s too hard to get out of it: you’d literally trauma bond to your own situation. Instead of doing this and being stuck in a place that hasn’t brought you joy and hasn’t allowed you to stay strong and detox, it could be time to leave Connecticut and get the support you need elsewhere – like Kentucky. Tailor-made concentrated care can make a big difference to the way you feel and recover. The biggest question that you must ask yourself is whether you are ready to take this step. If so, Robert Alexander Addiction Treatment Center welcomes you with open arms.

How We Can Help

You may never have considered moving to a new state for treatment for addiction before. Kentucky is a long way from Connecticut and you may be anxious about leaving behind your friends and family. The thing is, to truly be able to get out of your addictive cycle, you need to get out of your space and start thinking about the support that you need. You may not be able to get the same support for your recovery when you remain where you have always been. Sure, there are rehabilitation centers in Connecticut, but being too close to the environment in which your addiction built in the first place can be damaging for you. You need space to get out of your head, out of your environment and out of your addiction. You need to be able to remove the temptation that is currently on your doorstep, and you need the right support to help you through the detoxification process.

Moving state for rehab may be a huge move for you, but it’s important to remember that this doesn’t have to be forever. Addiction is fierce, and there are so many ways you can feel taken over by it. Whether you need hospitalization or constant care, you have a bank of therapists, psychiatrists and medical doctors to help you through the process when you come to Kentucky for your treatment. You deserve a break away from people and familiarity so that you can truly focus on what matters: your recovery.

Contact Robert Alexander Addiction Treatment Center Now

It is a big step to contact us today and get your rehabilitation space booked, but it’s one that you will forever thank yourself for. It’s time that you stopped focusing on other people and started focusing on detoxing and getting through the recovery process. You deserve to take a moment and realize that your health is more important than the next fix, and you need to stop hiding from all of the dark places and bring them out into the open. Contact us now and let’s get you well.

Why Kentucky Is A Great Addiction Treatment Location For Arizona Residents

Why Kentucky Is A Great Addiction Treatment Location For Arizona Residents

There are thousands of people across the U.S from all backgrounds who struggle with addiction. Whether this addiction is to alcohol or drugs, the struggle is still there and people suffering with addiction are located in every single state across the U.S. There are residents in Arizona who are currently trying to cope with addiction, and one of the best things to consider when you are trying to come through to the other side of an addiction is recovery.

Addiction has the power to rule your life, and without it being checked, it can spiral out of control. Trying to maintain control of an addiction is easier when you have the help of professionals by your side. Addiction pulls you down mentally and emotionally as much as physically, but our experts at the Robert Alexander Addiction Treatment Center in Kentucky will teach you why Kentucky is a great addiction treatment location for Arizona residents. 

Not only do you get the support that you need, you need to think about getting out of Arizona and taking the time to be treated where you can concentrate on recovery. You might not have considered getting out of state, but it could be the best thing that you ever do for your health. Your care will be tailor-made to you, you will be as supported as necessary in your journey to recovery, and you should consider that Kentucky is the best place for you to be. Let’s discuss why!

Rehabilitation Done Right for Arizona Residents

There are a lot of rehabilitation services in Arizona, this much is true. The thing is, Arizona is where your addiction started. It’s where you have found places to use drugs and alcohol in the wrong way and it’s where you fell into a bad situation in the first place. Getting out of Arizona and into Robert Alexander Center in Kentucky is going to remove you from the place it all began and give you a chance to focus on getting better. Rehabilitation should be somewhere you can focus and work hard to get well again, and stepping away from the place in which you became addicted to a substance in the first place is going to be the first step to take to get well. Kentucky may be removed from your usual places, but it’s going to get you the support you need to recover well. Staying put means you will see the same places you went to every time you hit a low. Moving to Kentucky while you receive the best rehabilitative care possible is going to give you the time and space that you need.

Arizona Residents Traveling To Kentucky For Rehab

There is a chance that you have never left your state of Arizona, but right now, your life is hitting a crucial stage. You need to take a moment to leave, recover, and return a better, more supported version of yourself. This move? It’s a temporary one that will change the way you live your life for good. You need help and help doesn’t always mean that you need your closest friends and family – they couldn’t stop the addiction from taking hold, so you need a new support system of those who cannot enable you. In Kentucky, your treatment becomes 100% personalized, tailored to you and a system is used that goes above and beyond everything that you could have hoped for. Whether you need to be hospitalized with care round the clock, or you need to have people around you who can pull you through the detoxing process, you get what you need at Robert Alexander Addiction Treatment Center. While you are in recovery, you will be in a new environment with people who care about your recovery. The therapists, doctors and psychiatrists are on your side, cheering you on and will be there to support you every step of the way.

Stay In Kentucky For Addiction Treatment Services

While you may feel vulnerable moving away from your friends and your family, you need to recover and you need to concentrate on that recovery. It could help you to move away from Arizona and focus on yourself for a change. You can stop hiding and struggling alone. You can take the time to get to the root of the problem with professionals by your side to walk you through it. 

You don’t need your handheld to get well but you do need to be supported, to be watched closely and to recover. You are not just arriving at the Robert Alexander Addiction Treatment Center for advice, you are arriving to gain dignity and privacy as you get through your recovery. Why don’t you give our experts a call today? Our team will be happy to help you to get your recovery wheels in action!

Why Kentucky Is A Great Addiction Treatment Location For Maine Residents

Why Kentucky Is A Great Addiction Treatment Location For Maine Residents

Substance abuse is a serious problem in Maine. There have been increased cases of overdose deaths in the state mainly fueled by the opioid crisis with Fentanyl and prescription painkillers being the major culprits. The rates of heroin and alcohol addiction are also on the increase.

If you or your loved one in Maine is struggling with addiction, help is available. Addiction is a disease like any other only that this one affects individuals on multiple levels including physically, psychologically, and mentally. Unfortunately, over the years, addiction has come to be stigmatized with those struggling with it being viewed in a negative light. Because of this, most individuals battling addiction tend to hide it. The guilt and shame also keep them from seeking out treatment that would help them not only overcome addiction but also go on to live healthy lives free from the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Why Travel for Addiction Treatment?

When it comes to seeking help to beat addiction, Maine residents have several options including seeking addiction treatment in Kentucky.

You may be wondering whether traveling for substance abuse treatment is a good idea. Here are reasons why it is:

  • It gives individuals a chance to make a new beginning. Traveling to a new place can motivate you to change your habits and embrace positive healthier ones.
  • It gives you privacy. Chances are your addiction caused you to do things that you aren’t proud of. Traveling to Kentucky for rehab means that you’re unlikely to run into anyone who knows your past so you can relax and focus on your recovery.
  • Traveling helps you put distance between yourself and the negative environment back home. Being away from the triggers and stressors that contributed to your addiction is liberating. You’ll be free to concentrate on treating your addiction without worrying about running into friends you used to take drugs or drink with or running into your dealers.
  • It improves your chances of sticking to the treatment program. Let’s face it, beating addiction is brutal. It can get lonely and hard and some of the moments in therapy will be intensely uncomfortable. If you’re still in Maine, you might be tempted to give up and go back home. This is unlikely to happen if you’re in Kentucky. The distance helps ensure that you stay with the program to the end.

Who Should Travel for Addiction Treatment?

Any Maine resident who wants to receive addiction treatment can travel outside their state. Traveling to Kentucky for substance abuse treatment is ideal for you if:

  • You don’t mind spending time away from your loved ones. Rehab in Kentucky will require that you travel to a new environment away from your family and friends. It will get lonely and you will feel homesick but you can turn this around and use it as motivation to get better and return home a changed person.
  • You have tried rehab and addiction treatment programs in Maine before and relapsed. If this is the case, giving addiction treatment in another state a try may be just what you need to get your recovery journey on track.
  • You want to select the best rehab for your addiction from a wider pool. Limiting yourself to rehab centers in Maine means that you may miss out on specialized addiction treatment that’s available elsewhere in the country.
  • You want privacy and don’t want your friends or family to deal with the stigma that comes with addiction. Traveling for rehab is also ideal for you if you don’t want your work colleagues to know about your addiction or if you don’t want people judging and treating you differently because of it.

Why is the Robert Alexander Center a Great Addiction Treatment Location?

Here at the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, we welcome people struggling with addiction from all over the country. We believe that everyone deserves the right help and support to quit addiction and rebuild their lives.

Some of the reasons you should consider our rehab facility in Kentucky include:

  • All our addiction treatment specialists are licensed and professional. They have firsthand experience with addiction so they know how difficult it is to quit. This makes them empathetic to the struggles our clients have. They are also trained in handling various addictions and guiding those in recovery.
  • We employ a variety of treatment programs at our rehab center. We don’t just put all our clients under the same treatment program. Instead, we use different programs such as the Intensive outpatient program or the outpatient program to address our clients’ different stages of addiction. Additionally, all our programs are scientific and evidence-based.
  • Medically assisted treatment is available. Some of our clients have co-occurring conditions along with their addictions. These call for medical treatment even as these individuals progress through our addiction treatment programs. In some cases, clients also require detoxification services to clean their systems of the harmful toxins from drugs before they are ready to enter rehab.
  • We involve our clients’ families in addiction treatment. Addiction impacts the entire family and devastates your relationships with your loved ones. Family members find themselves adopting different behaviors to cope with an individual’s addiction –from becoming enablers to remaining in denial. Through our Family Therapy program, we aim to educate families on addiction, how it affects them and how to identify and avoid the risk factors. Additionally, we help families repair and improve relationships that have been broken by addiction.
  • We provide continuous support throughout the recovery process. We are invested in our clients’ recovery journeys right from when they’re admitted at our rehab facility to beyond their discharge. We provide aftercare services including linking them up with Sober Living communities and support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous to help them live sober lives after treatment.

If you’re a resident of Maine looking for addiction treatment in Kentucky, look no further than the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery. Give us a call today to talk to someone who understands what you’re going through.

What Unique Concerns For Men Can Be Addressed At Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers

What Unique Concerns For Men Can Be Addressed At Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers

According to data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), men are more likely than women to misuse prescription drugs and abuse most illicit drugs as well as alcohol. Research shows that men and women use and respond to drugs or alcohol differently so it makes sense to have addiction treatment programs that focus on the unique differences among genders.

If you are a man who is struggling with addiction, an all-male rehab or a gender-specific addiction treatment program that focuses on men may be the right place for you.

Why Choose an Addiction Treatment Program that Focuses on Men?

Men are brought up and conditioned to be strong, unemotional, stoic, and invulnerable. They are expected to be self-sufficient and solve problems on their own. As a result, they equate asking for help with being weak. Lacking healthy ways to express their anger, stress and frustration often drive men to addiction.

It may also be challenging for them to understand, process, and deal with their feelings. This makes it difficult for them to admit they have a problem and even begin the process of seeking treatment for their addiction. Once they enter treatment, men may find it difficult to analyze their feelings and open up during counseling or therapy sessions. Instead, they may become aggressive, combative, or competitive with staff at the rehab facility or with fellow group members.

The staff at the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery have years of experience working with men in recovery and understand the unique challenges they face in addiction treatment. Our gender-specific addiction treatment programs are based on individualized treatment plans for men and are designed to address their unique needs. The overall goal, whether men need detoxification services or enroll in our Intensive Outpatient Program or Outpatient Program is to help them get and remain sober.

Unique Concerns for Men that are Addressed in Rehab

Men play many important roles in society. They are under intense pressure to provide and be strong for others and this can create problems.

At the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, we focus on addressing the emotional challenges and pressure that men face and help them cope with them in order to attain long-term sobriety.

Some of the ways our drug and alcohol addiction programs benefit men include:

  • Helping them find healthy ways to express emotions such as anger or frustration without turning to drugs or alcohol.
  • Addressing masculinity and sexuality.
  • Giving them a safe space to forge healthy relationships with other men without drugs or alcohol.
  • Participating in group discussions in a safe space free from judgment.
  • Holding family therapy sessions to help them repair relationships damaged by addiction.

Men are more comfortable when taking part in addiction treatment programs that focus on their needs. They are more open in therapy and this improves the efficiency of treatment.

If you are a man struggling with addiction, contact the Robert Alexander Center for recovery in Kentucky and get started on your journey to sobriety.

Drug Abuse Rehab Centers For Steel Workers In Kentucky

Drug Abuse Rehab Centers For Steel Workers In Kentucky

If you are struggling with addiction, you are not alone. There’s a reason it’s called a “battle” with substance abuse. It can be lonely. It can be isolating. As a condition, it is still dangerously misunderstood. But, if you are dealing with substance addiction, and are looking for kind and compassionate support, then the Kentucky Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center can offer a variety of programs to suit your individual needs. These might include one of the following:

  • Detoxification services
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Outpatient program

These programs all offer treatment and support without the need for residential care, which is ideal if you have family and work commitments and are looking for a drug and rehab center. 

Detoxification Services At Drug Abuse Rehab Centers

This is really one of the first steps in overcoming your substance addiction. At the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, we believe in learning about your individual struggle with drug or alcohol abuse. Millions of people in the US struggle with addiction on a daily basis. We use an evidence-based approach to take the first step – getting you off the harmful substance. Our mission is to make a difference to the rates of drug and alcohol abuse in Kentucky, and detoxification is the first step to that.

Intensive Outpatient Program For Steel Workers In Kentucky

This is often a more affordable option for our clients when a residential program is not required. It is still an intensive program, where you will be offered a variety of counseling and therapy to manage your addiction. Individuals are required to visit the center several days a week, for a number of hours at a time. 

This program can be tailored to you; at this drug abuse rehab center, we understand that addicts are great at coming up with excuses not to get treatment. Especially for manufacturing and steel workers, high-pressure jobs are a big obligation. That’s why this program is ideal for someone who cannot manage an in-patient program, but is still seeking the help they need to progress through their treatment and ultimately overcome their addiction.

Outpatient Program For Steel Workers In Kentucky

An outpatient program is perfect for those who are able to balance getting treatment with their daily lives and routines. If you have a family, or work commitments and obligations, then this program might be a good choice for you. Of course, there is no blanket approach to treating and managing addiction. You will still be offered therapy and counseling, in order to create more positive thought patterns which won’t lead to addictive and harmful behavior. However, there is no need to reside at the center when undergoing an outpatient program, so you will have more freedom to continue your day-to-day activities – just with the support of the drug and alcohol abuse treatment center behind you.

Everyone’s circumstances are different. However, approaching treatment with this understanding means we can tailor your program to you and your specific circumstances. Non-residential treatments are often a good way of “stepping down” from a residential program. Each type of treatment has different pros and cons, so get in touch with one of our professionals to decide which support is the best fit for you. 

Manufacturing And Factory Worker Drug Rehab Programs

Manufacturing And Factory Worker Drug Rehab Programs

If you work in the manufacturing industry, or are a factory worker, the high-pressure and often physically demanding nature of your job might make you feel as if you can’t spare the time or the energy to get support for your addiction. But, here at the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, we are here to tell you that yes, you can.

You can get treatment.

You can recover.

If You’re a Manufacturing and Factory Worker You Can Get Your Life Back on Track

Drug and alcohol abuse affects people from all walks of life, and is still stigmatized in our society which often prevents people from getting the support they so desperately need. The first step on the road to recovery is admitting that you need help. But, especially if you are fighting substance abuse and have a high-pressure demanding job, you will probably find yourself putting obstacles in the way of getting to rehab. One of the most common excuses that people use is lack of time.

There’s a misconception that drug and alcohol rehabilitation involves staying somewhere overnight for the duration of your recovery. At the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, we offer a range of non-residential programmes that can be tailored to suit you as an individual. We know that, when it comes to addiction treatment, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. These are some of our non-residential treatment options:

  • Detoxification
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Outpatient program

Detoxification at Drug and Rehab Programs

Detoxification is the first step in everyone’s journey to recovering from substance abuse. It’s the type of detoxification that differs from person to person. For manufacturing and factory workers, there are a variety of different rehab and detoxification options. These can then be monitored and your progress will be checked on an intensive outpatient or outpatient program.

Intensive outpatient programs are designed for those who still need a high-level of support, but for whom residential treatment programs aren’t right. It may be that you have just completed one, for example you could be “stepping down” from a partial hospitalization program, and this might be the next stage of your path to recovery, or it might be that you need a middle ground between being one of our outpatients, and staying at our center. 

Intensive Outpatient Programs for Manufacturing and Factory Workers

An intensive outpatient program will require you to attend the center several days a week, for between four and eight hours at a time. Different kinds of therapy will be available to you, including group and individual counseling. These will help you address the negative thought patterns that lead to addiction, and develop new, healthy coping strategies. There may also be different kinds of therapy available, such as art or music therapy.

Outpatient programs are the final step towards recovery. Although you may find your progress towards your treatment goals slightly more slowly than with a more intensive program, being an outpatient with us still provides you with the same level of support as any other program. It can be tailored to fit around your work and home life commitments, so is an ideal option for those who need to fulfill their other obligations, whilst still getting the help they need. 

How Clean Are Addiction Treatment Centers In Kentucky

How Clean Are Addiction Treatment Centers In Kentucky

If you are looking at a residential treatment program at the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery, then you might be wondering about the facilities – cleanliness, what you might expect, how you will be living during your stay with us. All these questions are completely understandable. When you are seeking treatment for addiction and substance abuse, you are likely to be at a low point of your life. You want to know that you are going to be comfortable and well-looked after while you are receiving treatment and undertaking a program that will be the first steps on your road to recovery. 

There is still a stigma that surrounds addiction, even though for many years now it has been accepted and recognized as a mental illness. Despite this, many people still stigmatize addiction as a condition, and the impact of this is felt most by the people who deserve it least – those managing the condition itself. 

What You Get At An Addiction Treatment Center

At this treatment center in Kentucky, you will find none of those unhelpful assumptions. We want to get the complete picture of you as a person, and what your journey has been so far that has brought you to us. Addiction is a complex mental illness and should be treated as such, therefore we put a great deal of time and effort into making sure our facilities are the highest standard they can possibly be. This is in terms of:

  • Cleanliness
  • Comfort
  • Meals
  • Entertainment and activity

Whilst you are completing your residential program, you will be staying at a stunning location in the heart of Kentucky. The beautiful grounds and gorgeous landscape surrounding you are the perfect location to begin your treatment and take the first steps towards recovery. Studies have shown that natural light and outdoor activity release endorphins and increase our ability to think positively and maintain perspective. This is vital for treatment of addiction, which is why our therapy rooms have large windows to let in as much natural light as possible.

You will continue your counselling in these rooms as an outpatient, and still be able to enjoy the use of our facilities. There are large, clean rooms for both group and individual therapy, allowing you to connect to the people around you and get the most from these sessions. We have more than twenty-five years of combined experience, and believe in placing a focus on the individual and their needs, rather than painting addiction with broad brush strokes, and our facilities have thought and care put into making them suitable for your needs.

Cleanliness At Rehab Centers In Kentucky

You can expect large, comfortable beds, and each bedroom has a widescreen TV for your entertainment needs. There are also large break-out rooms, where you can rest and relax between sessions, and maybe fit in a game of table tennis.There is a spacious canteen, as well as an outdoor area where you can relax, socialize, and enjoy the view. 

Whether you are staying with us, or non-residential, you will still be able to enjoy our clean and beautiful facilities to support you at whatever stage you’re at in your recovery.